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The Potential of Chiropractic - And why I love what I do

Whenever a new person comes to see me at Salt Chiropractic, I ask the same question; "If I can help you with this (whatever pain or symptoms have brought them in to see me), what overall positive effect will it have on your life?" And that's when I see it, their eyes light up, for just a moment as they visualise their life without the problem. That light I see in their eyes is the light of potential! And that's why I do what I do!

When people come to see me in South Brisbane for their back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, migraines, etc., it’s extremely rare that it’s just pain itself. In fact, often times they have been dealing with the back pain or other symptoms for so long that I have to query what has changed that has finally gotten them to do something about it. And usually, despite thinking that their primary reason for coming to see me, is for their back pain or symptoms, they are really coming to see me because it is stopping them from doing something they love; from living the life they want to lead. It has changed the potential they had wished for themselves. Be that their ability to earn a living, play with children/grandchildren, enjoy their hobbies, play sport, workout, sleep better, have more energy, more confidence etc.

If you’ve read through my website you will understand that Chiropractic is about far more than just back pain, neck pain and headaches. Chiropractic is about the wellbeing of the entire body through the nervous system that is encased inside of the spinal column. But to me, and to put it more simply in a way that I think we can all understand, Chiropractic is about potential! It’s about the potential for each individual to live their best life! For some, that really is about the pain because being in pain isn’t fun. But for many, it’s about what that pain is stopping them from doing. So while I don’t focus just on your pain and symptoms, it is important to me, if it’s important to you. But removing or reducing pain and symptoms, is really just a symptom of allowing the spinal segments, the muscles, joints, and the nerves to function better. But pain aside, Chiropractic goes so much further than that, it’s also the potential for the body to heal in remarkable ways when there is better brain-body communication. It’s the potential that existed in us before we were even created, the life potential or innate (inborne) intelligence that turned us from 2 half cells into trillions of cells and a whole functioning amazing human that we are today. That same potential & power that made our bodies, is the exact same power that can heal us. We are designed to be healthy and to self-regulate and self-heal, we’ve just forgotten that.

So it’s this potential & the changes I get to see in people’s lives that drives me to grow and expand and to pour so much of myself into Salt Chiropractic. And to those of you who are already on your own health journey with me, thank you for trusting the process. For those of you reading this and wanting to remember what it was like to dream of living your best life, head to our booking pages and get yourself, or your loved ones checked. Or go find a Chiropractor near you who can help you unleash your potential.


Dr Andy Roberts (Chiropractor)

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Miembro desconocido
05 sept 2023

I've read the article on the potential of chiropractic care, and I appreciate how it effectively communicates the broad scope of benefits that chiropractors can offer in enhancing health and well-being, emphasizing the holistic and patient-centered approach they bring to healthcare.

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