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Just like you might sprinkle a little salt on your meal to bring out the flavour and make it taste better, we think a little bit of Salt Chiropractic can really help to bring the flavour back into your life!

Improve your health and vitality the natural way.  We put you in charge of getting the very best outcomes for whatever your health goals are.

At Salt Chiropractic we want to bring out the flavour of our life by helping you to connect to the wisdom of your body.  Take back control of your health so that you and your loved ones can be abundantly healthy.


Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art.  It focuses on the neuromusuloskeletal system, and the role that plays in your well-being.


The nervous system which is encased within your spine is the master controller of your body.  It runs your senses, organs movement, thoughts and emotions. And most importantly it also controls the coordination of the intricate healing process.

Welcome to Salt Chiropractic
Bring out the flavour of your life

Your local West End & South Brisbane Chiropractor.

We successfully help people with all types of concerns with our holistic approach to health, including:  Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Joint Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy and so much more.

Improve your life

Chiropractor for Back pain & headaches west End & south Brisbane Dr Andrew Roberts
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What to expect at Salt 

At our West End Chiropractic clinic, we work with your body to see how we can help you in living the life you deserve.  Our unique approach is designed to help you to thrive. 

Whether you are just looking for a new approach to your health and well-being, or an experienced and professional Chiropractor in West End. Salt Chiropractic has the the answers you are looking for.

At every stage of life, your West End Chiropractor can help you.

Newborn Babies


Woman pre, during and post pregnancy


Modern day working individuals

Corporate wellness programs


At Salt Chiropractic our purpose & passion is to create a heart-centred community of individuals growing in health and consciousness,  so that they may inspire those around them, and contribute to a ripple effect that will change the health of the planet.

Initial Consultation

Your experienced West End Chiropractor will discuss with you any health concerns and take you through an examination to determine if Chiropractic is right for you...


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Report Of Findings

Your experienced West End Chiropractor will present their findings from the Initial Consultation and will work together with you to get the best results...


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This is the hands-on part where your experienced West End Chiropractor will use a highly trained, Chiropractic Adjustment using their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, measured force to a spinal joint...


Chiropractor West End
What to Expect
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