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Our Mission:

Creating a heart-centred community growing in health and consciousness, inspiring and contributing to a ripple effect that will change the health of the planet.

Family Chiropractic West End

Our Philosophy:


To move people towards health; all people deserve to be as abundantly healthy as possible.


To inspire people to be the best version of themselves so that they can inspire others to do the same.


To foster a family-like community to all grow together.  When people come together, greatness can be achieved.


To support people to prioritise their own growth and healing. Only then, can society contribute to the growth and development of others.


To lead by example and inspire others to reduce their  environmental footprint.  Our health is so closely intertwined with that of the planet.


To educate people so that they are empowered to grow, and can inspire the growth of others.


To love every person that walks through the doors as if a member of our own family.  Love is what ties us all together and fosters a sense of oneness and connection.


Meet the Team

Meet Dr Andy

Dr Andrew Roberts

Chiropractor, Exercise Scientist, & Yoga Teacher

 Motivated by the death of a loved one from cardiovascular disease, Dr Andy is passionate about preventative health, using Chiropractic to bring out your best. 


Andy has a Masters in Chiropractic, a degree in Exercise & Sports Science and continued education in Paediatric Chiropractic. His focus is on holistic whole family care and helping your body to adapt to the impacts of stressors, regardless of age. 


A lifelong learner, adventurer and giver, Dr Andy frequently volunteers his services to the most vulnerable groups in society, providing Chiropractic care to the homeless in Brisbane, the slums of Manila, and most recently, to some of the poorest people in India.  He is also a qualified yoga teacher and a very unqualified hip hop dancer - but that doesn’t stop him trying!


His diverse experience guarantees that you are putting your health and recovery in the hands of an expert. 

Dr Andrew Roberts Chiropractor South Brisbane


Ziggy likes to think he's the real boss around here, but he definitely wont be winning employee of the month any time soon.  Most of the time these days you'll find him chilling in his crate, but he definitely loves it when you bring your furry friends along with you to your visit.

What is Chiropractic
Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and an art that focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system and the role that plays in your well-being.

The nervous system which is encased within your spine is the master controller of your body. It controls your senses, organs, movement, thoughts and emotions and ALL functions of the body.


Chiropractic is a drug-free, natural approach that encourages the body to restore optimal function & movement.

Chiropractors use a wide range of techniques with an emphasis on manual spinal adjustments.  The goals being;

To improve joint function

Reduce pain and inflammation

Increase movement

Reduce muscle spasm

When moving better people may feel better overall


Chiropractors believe that your health his made up of a balance between your physical, chemical and emotional health.  The 3 Ts; Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts are the main detractors from health.


This can be the obvious things like slips, trips, falls and motor vehicle accidents.  But let's not forget the less obvious things that have a big impact like, poor posture and sitting for long periods of time.​


Is what you're putting in, or surrounding your body with nourishing or harming you?Your diet, your work and home environment, the air you breathe, the water you drink.  All these things can impact your chemical load.


Our thoughts change our internal world which can have an outward expression on us physically.  Stress alone is linked to many chronic conditions such as; cardiovascular disease, weight gain, depression, anxiety, diabetes and headaches.

At salt Chiropractic we want to bring out the flavour in our life by helping you to feel better and take back control of your body so that you and your loved ones can enjoy life to the fullest.

For whom

Our Process

Initial Consult / First Visit 

At this visit, our primary focus is to gain your trust and get to the root cause of your concerns to help you make an informed decision for your health.  We will take a thorough history as well as a very thorough examination.  This includes;

  • Digital postural analysis

  • Orthopaedic testing

  • Neurological examination

  • Heart rate variability (HRV) 

  • Medicare rebated X-ray referral if necessary

Total time approx:  45 mins (inc. Paperwork)

Report Of Findings

Your experienced West End Chiropractor will go over with you the measures checked at your first visit. You will be given a detailed take home report of findings. From here we will work together to create an action plan to achieve your goals, so that you can move towards a life where you are abundantly healthy.

Total time approx:  30 mins

Regular Adjustment

This is the hands on part of your journey. A Chiropractic adjustment is a highly trained and specific procedure. Your Chiropractor will use their hands, a small instrument or different tools to apply a controlled, measured force to a spinal joint. The goal of a Chiropractic adjustment is to correct structural alignment, thus improving function.  This has the potential then to affect overall feelings of wellbeing as we reduce pain and discomfort.

Longer Appointment

As you progress through your care it is important that we check in regularly with your progress.  We often require some slightly longer visits in instances where perhaps you've had a new injury, to re-examine and review your current case, or provide you with exercises necessary to maintain your spinal function.

Our Process
Who is Chiropractic Care for?

In Short... Everyone!  Our experienced West End Chiropractor will modify and tailor care to suit anyone. 

Newborn Babies


Woman pre, during and post pregnancy


Modern day working individuals

Corporate wellness programs


We provide individual care so that you can be reconnected with the beautiful intelligence within you.

Common Conditions
Common Conditions

Though many people will first see a Chiropractor for painful conditions such as back, neck pain and headaches.  We understand that in an intricate and intelligent body,  single conditions or symptom don't exists in isolation. We will assess you as a complete person and find out how well your spine is functioning to help assist with getting to the cause of your pain and perhaps even have an effect on other areas of your life that this dysfunction is affecting.   So while we can help with the items listed below and others, our aim is not to treat your pain, but to balance and enhance the function of your spine and body.  Below are just some of the common conditions that people will see a Chiropractor for.  This is not an exhaustive list; many people will see us just for wellness visits or for prevention.

This is the most common reason people will first seek Chiropractic care.  Many clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Chiropractic for lower back pain.

Low Back pain

Disc injuries can result from sudden trauma as well as prolonged inappropriate loading of the joints of the spine.  Chiropractic can help alleviate the associated pain, get your moving again and address the underlying cause.

Disc Injury

Our modern stressful lifestyle and reliance on computers and smart phones has lead to neck pain being the second most common reason people will seek Chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Joint pain can arise from a range of causes.  A Chiropractor can help assess the cause of the pain and attempt to offer relief of pain and rehabilitative exercises.

Joint Pain

As well as many more...

Spinal misalignment is one of the most common causes of headaches.  Research suggests that Chiropractic care can help alleviate the severity and frequency of headahces and Migraines.

Headaches & Migraines

As the body changes to accommodate the growing baby, the majority of women will experience some form of back, neck, pelvic, sciatic or pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy.  Chiropractors are well placed to assist with this. 

Pregnancy & Postnatal

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